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few months to use with a smart- phone. “We have our own brand fun and educational apps on the way for baby and toddler,” Cash Hanson says. “Parents are going to love them. My favorite apps for Snuggwugg are fun, colorful and educational. The potty training apps are fun, too.” For parents tired of the measur- ing and mess of manually preparing formula for baby bottles, especially in the middle of the night, Formula Pro provides a new way to tackle this task. The Formula Pro by Baby Brezza uses patent-pending technology to measure and mix water and powdered formula to the desired temperature and con- sistency. Described as similar to a high-end coffeemaker for babies, the Formula Pro stores water and formula powder in the machine, The Formula Pro by Baby Brezza (888/396- 6552 or uses patent- pending technology to measure and mix water and powdered formula to the desired temperature and consistency, simi- lar to a high-end coffee maker. so it’s always ready. The machine works with all bottle sizes and all formula brands and types. With the push of a button, it makes a perfectly mixed and heated bottle in seconds. Setup is also quick and easy, as the airtight formula storage holds up to 700 grams of formula powder. It usually allows for preparation of 20 8-ounce bottles. It’s less of a mess than scooping formula out of a container, and it solves the problem of discarded powder on countertops. High-tech Health Gear Keeping babies and kids healthy is another task where par- ents cannot get enough help. Technology can’t prevent illness- es that are a part of childhood, but new developments in key items like scales and humidifiers can provide valuable information and comfort to help make feeling better possible. One product parents often turn to when children get sick is a humidifier. Scandinavian Child, a designer, manufacturer and dis- tributor of innovative, functional and stylish children’s products, introduces Duux, a new line of high-quality baby electronics fea- turing two new models of humidi- fiers and an air purifier, among others. The Duux Ultrasonic Mushroom Humidifier received the JPMA 2013 Innovation Award as the overall product win- ner in the Infant and Parent Care category. “Duux offers a contemporary, Dutch-designed collection of multi-functional nursery elec- tronics,” says Nancy Rosenzweig, President & CEO, Scandinavian Child. “The Duux Baby Projector fills baby’s room with stars on the ceiling in rotating colors, features a nightlight that is voice activated by baby’s cry and has three built-in lullabies to soothe baby. The air purifier has a HEPA filter, a cool blue LED night light, can diffuse essential oils and can be powered from a computer with a USB port.” The forms and colors in the Duux collection are simple, and in most cases, can be used anywhere in the home when they are no longer needed in the nursery. The Ultrasonic Air Humidifier uses technology to provide an immediate cool mist using 80 percent less power than other humidifiers. It includes a built-in nightlight to help the child feel safe, and the water tank can last up to 16 hours and there is no filter to change. The Air Humidifier Mushroom creates cool mist within a second by employing a user-friendly rotary switch. It also contains a nightlight and the same power-saving tech- nology. The Air Purifier helps keep the air clean in a child’s room and saves space with a compact, ele- gant design. It offers a detachable HEPA-filter and built-in vaporizer to spread a nice aroma throughout the room. It also contains a night- light feature. The Internet provides an added benefit to a long-time parenting staple—a scale for babies and kids. Withings’ Smart Kid Scale is the first Internet-connected baby and toddler scale with tracking and application capabilities. It features two weighing configurations, a removable baby basket for weigh- ing infants, and the toddler scale that emerges once the baby basket is removed. Weight is displayed on Always In View by Infanttech (855/422- 2983 or is a video mon- itoring system for vehicles that enables drivers to safely keep an eye on infants without turning around. the scale and instantly transmitted over WiFi or Bluetooth to a free iOS app. This allows parents to access their child’s weight readings from the app at any time and share them with a family member or the pediatrician. Keeping track of a child’s weight is a way to monitor health as they grow, says Cédric Hutchings, Co-Founder of Withings. “With the Smart Kid Scale, we’re hoping to bring the same positive out- comes we’ve seen in adults with weigh tracking to the adults of the future. We’ve made it very simple for parents to track the weight progress of their children and therefore, giving them a tool that will assist in turning their children into healthy adults,” he says. The Withings Smart Kid Scale app also lets parents capture height data and keep track of feedings. The scale can weigh kids up to 55 pounds and only needs four AAA batteries for power. Although they serve a wide variety of functions, these new technology enhanced products for babies and toddlers bring a sense of comfort to new parents. Although there will always be a need for low-tech products to help raise babies, the Internet and smartphone technology have brought a lot of peace of mind to parents who want as much information as possible about their children. february/march 2014 25