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Spread Love the SUAN’S FOODS Offer a bit of Jamaica in a jar with the unique Scotch Bonnet Pepper Jelly, a staple in Jamaica that has been tempered for the North American palate by Suan Grant, who spent four years in Jamaica before setting up shop in Oklahoma City in 2009. “I focus on the flavor of the pepper, not the heat,” Grant says. “It’s a wonderful layering of sweet with a kick, but no burn.” All five of her products feature the signature Scotch Bonnet Pepper in sleek and seductive black and red jars. Suan showcases it on mango lemon cheesecakes, chocolate cheesecakes, appetizers, entrees, desserts—its only limited by the users imagination, according to Suan. That—and its versatil- ity—is evidenced by the 20 plus recipes for the jelly, from meat glazes to chicken soup to meatloaf. Shipping out new in 2013 is a flavoring sauce with the Scotch Bonnet Pepper. Suan's Scotch Bonnet Pepper jelly was featured in the December 18, 2012 fancyfood- magazine.blogspot. com review and in Fancy Food magazine's weekly e-newsletter. Suan's website has recipe ideas, including a unique meatloaf, for the uninitiated in the ways of Scotch Bonnet peppers. Offer a bit of Jamaica in a jar with the sweet-with-no- burn Scotch Bonnet Pepper jelly from Suan’s Foods (405/413-1751 or suans- IHAad_JanFract_FancyFoods_Layout 1 11/28/12 12:40 PM Page 1 Booth: 973 Aloha from Oregon’s (800/241-0300 or Sweet Wine jelly is elegant in design and taste, great for breakfast, delicious for dessert and best for both with glaze fried bananas. ALOHA FROM OREGON Aloha’s jars look like ripe bulbs of fruit ready to be plucked from the glass blower’s tree, or gift-ready jellies ready to fill a basket. “Jellies are semi- transparent, so we wanted to show the look of the jelly,” says Lynn Jolly, who has owned the company with her son since 2009. Aloha specializes in pepper jellies, featuring 15 pepper-infused jellies of 33 all-natural products, complemented with over 50 different recipes on the site. The most visu- ally beautiful is the Christmas jelly with half cranberry and half jalapeno, so the jar is split in color between red and green. Though they make six flavors of chutneys, ranging from ginger peach to zesty plum and a handful of specialty butters, this ma-and-son team has struck gold with its Sweet Wine jelly. Made with Swedish mulling spices and cabernet wine, with alcoholic content cooking off in the production, its adored by the sophisticated and young palates alike. “It’s my granddaughters' favorite,” Jolly says. “It has an amazing flavor.” It makes a great topper for all breakfast foods, as toppings on ice cream and dessert, and on a plain old peanut butter and jelly sand- wich, or for the more refined palate on baked pears, cream cheese anything, hummus sandwiches, and most famously and simply, glazed bananas. Look for this innovative company’s forthcoming balsamic experiments, like its balsamic cherry habanero, one of three balsamic jellies for 2013. Selling Jelly Sometimes jams, jellies and perserves that are off the beaten path of standard grape, strawberry or blueberry can be intimidating for customers. How do you use it? What does it taste like? Will it just sit in my fridge after one try? Help your customers deal with their anxiety by allowing them to taste the options and get comfortable with new flavors and uses. 2,100 exhibitors from 6 continents • Warm a Brie round, offer some crackers and let people try the jelly over the top of the cheese. • Next to the display, have recipe ideas, recipe cards or a link to your website where they can find tasty ideas for serving the jams and jellies. find innovative new products and the inspiration, ideas and tools to grow your business • Have an employee walk around the store with a tray and some hors d'oeuvres using the jelly in various ways, like a meat option, a cheese option and a veggie option. • Pair it with another gourmet product like brioche or toast points and kill two birds with one stone. • Offer a taste test between a more traditional preserve and the gourmet option. Circle 133 on the card for more information 32 F a n c y F o o d & C u l i n a r y P r o d u c t s